A dream Saturday for Porto

The Invicta teams were selected as champions in the under 14 men’s and women’s divisions. Today they are in two finals of the under 16

It was a dream Saturday for the Associação do Porto in the Festa do Basquetebol Juvenil, as they were crowned champions in the under-14 men’s group, after defeating Lisbon by 43-41, and having already celebrated the fifth in the under-14 women’s group, by beating Aveiro and 45-36.

Winning the sixth men’s under-14 title, the first since 2017, the Porto team entered quickly and closed the first half with a good difference on the scoreboard, 12-5. The second half was decent and the game became more exciting and high until the end.

In the final minutes, the leadership changes, but the victory smiled on the team of AB Porto. Pedro Sousa (11pts, 5res, 2ast, 4rb) and David Giesta (10pts, 1res, 2rb, 1dl) led the scorers, while Salvador Carvalho (7pts, 7res, 1rb) was the best of the Lisbon team.

In the first final of the Festa do Basquetebol Juvenil 2023, Porto beat Aveiro and defended the women’s under-14 title for the fifth time in a row.

In the sold-out Sports Pavilion in Albufeira, the atmosphere was unique. The team from Aveiro started well and led for more than half the game, reaching 24-19 at the break.

The Porto team recovered after that and the final 16 minutes featured several changes of leadership, the latter finishing in the final minutes. Porto’s formation ran away after that, winning 45-36. In addition to the fifth in a row, it was Atvicta’s eighth under-14 title.

Sofia Mota was the final figure, with 20 points, five rebounds, two assists, two steals and a fight against the Porto team. For Aveiro, Matilde Bento (10pts, 1res, 1ast, 2rb) was excellent.

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