A fake dentist was caught luring customers in a hotel in Greater Porto

The Health Regulatory Entity and the Order of Dentists have criticized, this Thursday, a fake dentist who offered free tests at a hotel in the Greater Porto area with the aim of attracting customers to receive treatment in Turkey. These types of cases are increasing, warn dentists.

The operation was launched in 24 hours and the man was caught in the act. He did not have the professional certificate that would allow him to do this work, which is to register with the Portuguese Dental Association. The facts were discussed at the Ministry of Public Affairs.

Fake teeth, from Turkey, lured social media users with “dental tourism packages”, at attractive prices, which include travel, treatment and sightseeing in Turkey. After gathering some people, they arranged a 24-hour meeting in a hotel room in Vila Nova de Gaia, the President of the Order of Dentists told JN.

The inspection took place in March and the same was planned for the next day in Lisbon, but it was canceled after the Law and the regulator took action.

After a free “examination”, which was carried out outside the clinical practice and without additional tests, the person suggested “complex repairs, removing several teeth, several implants, placing artificial crowns on several teeth”, explained Miguel Pavão. Instead, it sold the trick of “easy and quick” medicine, in packages at attractive prices, together with several testimonials of success, explained Miguel Pavão.

Ten similar objections this year alone

With concern, the Chairman of the Order of Dentists admits that these cases are increasing. “In the first quarter of this year alone, the Law has already submitted 10 complaints”, to the competent authorities, namely the ERS and the General Inspection of Health Activities. Some of the complaints came anonymously, some through caring health professionals.

Miguel Pavão leaves a warning: “people should be careful with this type of offer, almost a holiday package that has some kind of effect”. To address this issue, the Portuguese Dental Association has a “complaints section” on its website.

According to the communiqué from the ERS, in addition to “gathering evidence that confirms the practice of medical treatment by professionals who are not qualified”, the inspection led to the authorization of “the collection of advertising materials that led to the initiation of criminal proceedings against the law. The Regime Legal Framework for Health Advertising Practices”.

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