A six-year warranty on Mazda new cars is now available across Europe

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A six-year warranty on Mazda new cars is now available across Europe

  • Extended protection for all new Mazda vehicles for 6 years or 150,000 km.

  • Harmonized warranty standards for a better ownership experience throughout the life cycle.

  • With the addition of Italy last April 1, implementation was completed in 28 markets.

Leverkusen | Lisbon, 14 April 2023. Mazda recently completed the implementation of the 6-year warranty process for new vehicles in the 28 European markets where it operates, starting to offer a 6-year vehicle warranty for all of them or a maximum of 150,000 km (whichever occurs first). The new package is designed to harmonize Mazda vehicle warranties and maintain customer loyalty, enhancing the ownership experience throughout the lifecycle of models sold on European soil.

This comprehensive warranty program was launched first in Austria and Germany in the first half of 2022, followed in September by the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and a wider group of countries including the entire Mazda Selected Markets Group, Portugal, but also Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland, Romania and Serbia.

The list will expand to Belgium in December and already to France and Switzerland in January this year. Now, with the implementation of the six-year guarantee in Italy, this process was completed on April 1.

“Mazda drivers in Europe now benefit from one of the most comprehensive warranty packages in the industry,” Mazda Motor Europe CEO Martijn ten Brink emphasized. “This gives customers total peace of mind for a maximum of six years or 150,000 km, when the vehicle is sold, during this period, increasing its value as a used car”.

Mazda Warranty Program at a Glance

Mazda’s 6-year warranty on new vehicles covers all defects in materials and workmanship, as well as the cost of repairing or replacing affected components, excluding wear parts. Like other factory warranties, it is free, equally valid if the customer sells his vehicle within the warranty period, transfers the protection to the new owner during the remaining time or mileage.

Among the Mazda warranties for new cars and vehicles, there is another, for 12 years against punctures and a third for paint damage and surface corrosion, valid for 3 years regardless of the mileage achieved. Regarding battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrids Plugged in (PHEV), Mazda has an 8-year warranty on the high-voltage battery up to a maximum of 160,000 km.

In addition, Mazda will continue to offer, through its dealership network, a warranty extension program (optional for 2 years), which allows additional protection for vehicles registered until August 31, 2022. And to ensure even more peace of mind, remember that regardless of where the vehicles are located, as long as they are on European soil, the Mazda European Assistance Program is separate.

“At Mazda, we honor our commitment to quality, which is why we became the second group of countries to extend our new car warranty to 6 years or 150,000 km.” recalls Jose Santos, Director of After Sales and Network Development at Mazda Motor Portugal. “They are fully protected against any unforeseen event, with this warranty at no cost or complemented with the various supplementary plans we offer across our network of dealers and authorized repairers, Mazda customers will be able to focus and enjoy. Also, our cars are an undeniable driving pleasure.”

For more detailed terms of the guarantees described above, a Mazda dealership or authorized repairer may be consulted or here www.mazda.pt.


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