A Spanish climber spent 500 days in a cave without natural light and contact with the outside

The Spanish climber Beatriz Flamini spent 500 days in a cave 70 meters deep, without natural light, contact with the outside and referring to the passage of time, in an unprecedented experiment followed by scientists that ended on Friday.

The 500 days that Beatriz Flamini, considered an “elite athlete”, spent in a cave in the south of Spain is a new world record, because it exceeded all the cases previously known, in which, the isolation was not extreme and it was there. at least one clock inside the cave, that is, there was a word about the passage of time.

The event of Beatriz Flamini is considered unprecedented, due to the extreme conditions of isolation, according to the Andalusian Federation of Speleology, which helped the climber before the time he spent in the cave.

The organization prepared the interior of the pit before Beatriz Flamini entered, on November 20, 2021, after surveillance cameras were installed.

An “exchange” area was also created, where the support group left food, water and other things and where Beatriz Flamini left the garbage she had produced, memory cards from the camcorder and written notes, often with other requests .

During all this time, Beatriz Flamini never saw other people or spoke to anyone.

As he said today in a press conference, just a few hours after leaving the cave, he also did not speak out loud himself, making sure that he only made his voice heard when the camera was recording.

At the press conference, the actor apologized for being choked, and justified that he had not spoken to anyone for almost a year and a half.

The idea of ​​this information, which Beatriz Flamini insisted today was the “action” of “a high-class, elite athlete”, came from the mountaineer, who gave it to the record producer.

Beatriz Flamini has dedicated herself to climbing the world’s highest mountains and is known as a self-confident expert in extreme conditions.

This event was and is being supervised, from the preparation, by groups of researchers from two Spanish universities, in Granada and Almeria, from areas related to health (physical and psychological) and various social sciences.

Scientists observed Beatriz Flamini’s behavior and physical changes inside the cave, in the images collected by the cameras, and analyzed the notes she wrote and the drawings she made and left on the changing platform.

The climber will now continue to be monitored by researchers and was tested today, shortly after leaving the cave, with initial tests showing he is in good health.

According to what he himself said today, of all that the scientists and doctors told him before what would happen to him inside the cave, after being alone for a long time, he only saw apparitions.

Without thinking about the time that has passed, Beatriz Flamini saw two cavemen and a psychologist entering the place where they stayed for 500 days, “while they were sleeping”, this morning.

“I thought they would come to tell me that I have to leave because something has happened,” he told reporters, admitting that he does not know anything about what has happened in 500 days on earth, because “he was buried. November 20, 2022” and I heard that you entered the cave “for a while”.

“When I saw the light [ao sair da cova] I didn’t hear anything because for me it was a while ago that I went in”, he added, without going into detail, as documents and a book describing what happened are being prepared.

In addition to photography, photography and writing, Beatriz Flamini read 60 books during this time and took pictures.

Aid groups provided more than 1,000 liters of water and 1.5 tons of food and other supplies.

Beatriz Flamini never passed the panic button placed inside the cave, where she entered at the age of 48 and left at the age of 50.

The key to keeping fit was to think about the “here and now”, said the owner, who explained that he eats when he feels hungry or looks thin, sleeps when he is sleepy and wakes up when he wakes up. up, reading, painting or exercising, always responding to what they want to do.

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