A teenage girl who went missing in the Algarve has been found alive

A 17-year-old boy It has been missing since Saturday at sea in the Algarve He was found alive on Sunday evening. He is in an “extreme state of hypothermia” and will be transferred to intensive care at the Hospital de Faro.

The girl is “very weak”, in the government “severe hypothermia”, reveals the head of João Afonso Martins, head of the Port of Vila Real de Santo António.

“He was in a bikini for a whole night on the waterit’s windy and cold, it’s all day in the same bikini in the sun”, he adds.

The girl went to be transported by helicopter from the Air Force to the Hospital de Faro.

Pediatrician Elsa Rocha said, in an interview with SIC, that the medical team will settle the girl, who is “dehydrated”, and take her to the hospitaladding that he was a “warrior”.

He was answered by name, he said his own name, he said where he came fromfrom Setúbal”, adds the official in a statement to the press.

He was asked about family activitiescommander said:

“I would say it is which a father just saw his son being born again”.

After being missing for more than 20 hours, Érica was found is a merchant vessel “on voyage” “25 kilometers south of Vila Real de Santo António”, within the search area, in Portuguese waters.

“It scared me one night”, admits the host.

Still speaking to the media, Captain João Afonso Martins warns that:

“Oh The sea has not reached the gameit wasn’t summer, the tide is repeating, it is still a cold sea“.

in the evening, o the search was extended about 37km: from Isla Cristina in Spain to Faro.

Father “Couldn’t Hold Him”

A 17-year-old boy disappeared from the board, blown by the wind, on Coelho beachVila Real de Santo António.

According to the Captain of the Port of Vila Real de Santo António, who coordinated the search, on Saturday night the wind was blowing from the north and The girl says she went into a “fear/panic mode”, which means “the wind caught her and she started heading south”.

The man even tried to jump into the waterbut unfortunately he couldn’t catch it, he didn’t have the strength to reach the group”, said the governor João Afonso Martins.

From the moment he received the missing information,” he said they let him in on all the available optionswho were many” assured the man in charge.

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