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A Interest subsidy A measure designed by the government of Antonio Costa to mitigate the effects of steep growth Home loan interest rates Variable rate. The problem is that, after all, access to new support for paying mortgage credit will be more difficult for families, since the calculation time effort rate Only mortgage payments are considered and not charges with other credits.

Its final wordingDecree-Law No. 20-B/2023, Which creates tremendous support for families to pay rent and provide credit agreements, which clarifies all the requirements for access interest subsidy, As in having a contract Variable rate home loans Equal to or less than 250 thousand euros, properly settled, for example.

And this reveals another requirement for access Interest subsidy That reduces the range – and by many – of the families that this assistance can cover To benefit from this support, households must “a effort rate Equal to or more than 35% of your annual income including annual charges for rent payments the installment Credit covered by this decree law”, reads the document.

This means that Calculate the effort rate It is considered as provision of mortgage loan on household income only. And to access this support, the result of the effort rate must be more than 35%, as quoted by the Bank of Portugal (BdP). public

That is, the calculation formula effort rate It does not take into account other finance charges along with other credits – as banks consider while granting loans. Therefore, a family that is paying Home loan And other credits (personal and car, for example) and an effort rate higher than 35%, you can only access Interest subsidy one with house installment, Over 35% weight on single family income.

This criterion further restricts access to interest subsidies and may harm even the most vulnerable households. debtor – Who will be the ones suffering the most today? This is because families are present effort rate May be equal to or greater than 50% Interest subsidy More convenient, point out the same newspaper.

A Housing loan interest subsidy Can provide support of up to 720 euros throughout 2023. Although the diploma has already been published since March 22nd and provides for retroactive effects until January, families will only be able to start submitting applications to access support in mid-May 2023. , and it should only start paying at the end of May or even June.

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