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There is participation in the first 7 months of 2023 Anthony 1The young producer from Santiago de Chile is considered one of the prominent figures of the new wave. hard dance meets internet culture yes Reject yourselfa publisher who dares to open new frontiers underground like a musical HexD, Free Hardcore e Trancecore. The artist made his artistic debut in 2021 ???unweighted register, matrix lo-fifull of hard beats and biting melodies.

It arrived in the last days of January Bobbacore revisitedfollowed by Anthony1’s new record Yellow House Collective. Equipped with such tight compression that it makes the difference between euphoria trans and vertigo harsh noise, Bobbacore revisited solves the emblematic features of heavy trance until they became a mere illusion, as if it were a memory of an outdoor rave.

Hayden Kolb – “Stars Above Me”

It’s a song I can’t stop listening to and I wanted to recreate something similar Tonyyouth, coincides with the patterns I find funny, around cumbia beats.

5ubaruu – “just me and empty roads at midnight”

There’s always something fantastic about getting full and finding don’t overdo itbeing careless with volumes is something I like to refer to, hurting the ears.

c678924 – “The End of the Sky”

to build harp stealing from other artists is something I like to do, and I like to do that when it comes to artists I know and like a lot. I’m bad at copying, so it turns out to be something different. Here is an artist to win Type ASOT [A State of Trance, programa de rádio holandês apresentado por Armin van Buuren e pelo co-produtor Ruben de Ronde, onde impera o trance genérico dos 2000s] and it’s great.

Sienna Sleep – “ö÷ÿýúóúóúäûäóëüü÷²ÿûêæóâ÷”

I come back to this track every now and then, wondering how to achieve this sound lo-fi what i like It ends up being all distortion and boosted bass, but I like that too. Siena Sleep has always been a great inspiration.

Grupo Quintana – “The Sky is Crying”

Adapting a song to another genre is amazing. Leads on this track hard style A song by Headhunterz turned into a cumbia full of joy and happiness. I think cumbia is something I will explore in some way.

C3NTELL4 – “*฿✩‧₊˚ night of cumbia dreams*฿✩‧₊˚”

Another great song that makes me go “okay, I’ll do that too”, I’m really thinking of collaborating with C3NTELL4. Again, cumbia is a sound that came to my mind recently, even if it’s new to me, it can be very creative.

Purity Filter – “castral_nexus (🐯💗 ţ 🍔♦.(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ______s.)af.”

I hate it a little techno/prices acidbut Purity made me realize that faster is better and Schranz kicks Arreglo Floral is something I live by. They can control a song by themselves, which is pretty powerful.

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