Apple augmented reality glasses concept images

Apple is very balanced in this project which was once called Apple Glass. Augmented Reality (AR) glasses have been a “well-kept secret” for almost 4 years now. Nobody knows almost anything about the project. So, a designer, with the little that is known, tried to guess what this new gadget will look like. See the pictures.

Along with a few registered patents, with indications of what could be an Augmented Reality device, little else is known about the so-called Apple Glass. References have appeared to a hypothetical operating system, RealityOS, some hints about the interaction of the glasses with other Apple devices and that's all in the ether!

Apple Glass, Augmented Reality by the art of Marcus Kane

The concept, shared in Twitterfeatures a compact design, 3D knitted headband with built-in audio, MacBook-style air vents and more.

Some notes on design options:

  • Added a battery holder and case. The author believes that this will be part of the experience of using this product;
  • 3D printed headband with built-in audio and magnetic connectors for power cord and foldable storage elements;
  • MacBook-style vents with built-in hidden sensors for ambient, ground, body, mouth and arm monitoring;
  • The compact shape is derived from the screen size and optics used, combined with any other technology stack.

Apple demonstrated its AR device to top executives last month and is expected to unveil the device at WWDC in June.

The company's first set will likely be a high-end device with a range of cameras and high-resolution screens, and cost around $3,000. This will significantly limit your sales; however, it will give developers time to create apps that can be used on a cheaper second-generation device.

Will these devices help out the less positive results?

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