Apple ID with password problems! Users are losing patience

Apple ID is one of the central points of the Apple ecosystem. This identifier is also the access key to all the company’s services and is therefore always well kept and protected. Recent complaints, accumulating in the last few hours, show that the Apple ID password is constantly being asked. Customers are losing patience.

Apple ID issues pile up

The past month has been complicated for Apple services and its users. The problems and associated complaints have grown, always to the detriment of those who want to fully explore this ecosystem, associated with all the problems in the equipment that depends on it.

The latest bug seems to be happening now, a few hours ago, with many complaints from users of Apple services piling up. We are talking about the Apple ID and its password, which is constantly being asked, randomly and without any reason why it would happen.

User password repeatedly asked

Of what was reported, and arose in many social networks, many Apple IDs that were working without any problem started constantly asking for the password. This, even if it is correct and accepted, ends up being requested again, over and over again.

Although it was initially thought to be limited to only a few services, it is now known to be present in all of them, even Apple TV, where it is now impossible to view content. Many users have chosen to sign out of Apple ID and are now off their devices.

Users are not happy with Apple

Naturally, this situation is poorly received by users, who seem to be losing patience. The Downdetector website already have a gift this situation, in many Apple services, and Twitter reveals that it seems to be growing, especially in Brazil and Japan.

Apple, on its website for the presentation of problems has not yet accepted this situation and not even the company took it. As with recent situations, this situation should be resolved within a few hours.

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