Apple iPhone 15 Pro: image confirms change feared by fans

One of the hot topics regarding the iPhone 15 Pro is the change in its side buttons, especially the replacement of the beloved sound profile selector with an action button. To the displeasure of many Apple fans, this change should actually materialize.

What gives this theory more power is a new image, shared by the user @Unknownz21 and by the publication MacRumors, of what appears to be the structure of the side buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro. In it we see that there will be innovations in the design of its buttons.

Apple will implement action button to replace audio profile selector

As you can see from the shared image, the place where the iPhone audio profile selector is usually positioned is now occupied by a single button. One that, according to rumors, will be clickable and not moveable as it currently is.

This new button is known internally as the “clock button” or “action button”. Its operation will be very similar to what happens on the Apple Watch Ultra and can be customized by users.

Obviously, users can customize this action button to switch between different audio profiles, but the possibilities don’t end there. You can set it to open the camera, invoke Siri and much more, but it always depends on the possibilities that Apple has set.

Below this new action button we see a new configuration for the volume selector button on the iPhone 15 Pro. It will now be a single, larger button, as the rumors of recent weeks have suggested.

Such a change would be justified with the adoption of capacitive buttons, something that, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, will no longer materialize. Due to technical problems, Apple was forced to back off and implement the traditional physical buttons.

This last-minute change will not compromise the new button design for the iPhone 15 Pro or its production schedule. Indeed, this equipment is expected to be unveiled in September as tradition dictates.

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