Centro Miécimo da Silva offers more than two thousand spaces for free sports activities – Rio de Janeiro City Hall

Miécimo da Silva offers vacancies for various sports – Rio Town Hall

The Miécimo da Silva Sports Center in Campo Grande, Western Region, has more than 2,000 places. Applications are open until April 28. There are many options such as basketball, capoeira, football, rhythmic gymnastics, handball, karate, lamba, step, tennis and volleyball. The age range for participation is from 5 years old. Each person can register up to three ways, two of which are of their choice and the third is for ballpark sports only.

In addition, there are vacancies for the new flag football mode. There are six lessons on Wednesdays and Fridays, optional for students aged 10 and up. Classes are taught by Professor Angelus Bravin dos Santos. This style is derived from American football, but with less physical contact, and appeared on North American military bases in the 1940s.The goal is the same as in American football, with the highest score, called grounding. To do this, it is necessary to launch or run with the ball to cross the field, reaching the end of the opponent’s territory.

– Miécimo is a reference that offers many sports activities to the residents of the West End. We hope that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to register on site – said City Sports Minister Guilherme Schleder.

Starting at 7:00 am, 200 registration codes are distributed daily. Only the father, mother, grandparent or older brother may enroll a minor. Documents required for admission for those over the age of 18 are copies of their identity, central provident fund and proof of residence. For those over 70 years old or with medical problems, a medical certificate must be presented. Minors must present a copy of their identity card or birth certificate, central provident fund and identity card of the responsible person, proof of residence and school statement.

Registration at the Miécimo office from Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.To speed things up, you can online pre-registration And do it in person at the sports facility, bringing all required documents, and the access key automatically generated at the end of pre-registration. The Miécimo da Silva Sports Center is located at Rua Olinda Elis, 470 – Campo Grande.


  • April 17, 2023
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