China claims its Space Station has achieved 100% oxygen regeneration in orbit

China’s space station, currently operated by the Shenzhou-15 crew, can produce its own oxygen, according to an official speech at a space technology symposium in the city of Harbin on Friday.

The China Space Station has reportedly achieved 100% regeneration of its oxygen supply using its on-board "oxygen regeneration system". The system reduces reliance on supplies from the ground "by six tons per year," says a Chinese official.

Currently, the six systems are in stable operation, with 100% of oxygen sources being regenerated and 95% of water sources being recycled.

Said Bian Qiang, director of the environmental control and life support engineering bureau of the "Astronaut Center of China".

This reduces the amount of soil stock by six tonnes per year.

Accrescentou Bian Qiang.

From "replenishment" to "revival" in China's EE

This revelation marks a significant advance in the environmental control and life support systems of China's manned spacecraft, moving from "resupply" to "revival". The system has six subsystems for various operations, such as creating oxygen, removing carbon dioxide, and creating water from carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Bian claims that the system's technology is among the best in the world and as a result the need for land supply is reduced by six tonnes per year.

For China's manned spacecraft, including the Shenzhou spacecraft, extra-vehicle spacesuits and three-module space station complex, experts have successfully created three generations of environmental control and life support systems, according to Bian.

The meeting received a video greeting from the crew of Shenzhou-15, which is currently in orbit around the Earth, informed CGTN, China's state-owned media.

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