Chrome is faster on Android, only on powerful smartphones

Android is one of Chrome’s preferred camps, where it reigns supreme without any close competition. Google’s browser is adapted to this system, where it is a fundamental part. It’s now 30% faster, but only on the most powerful Android smartphones.

Google tried to make Chrome even faster and more efficient by containing the resources it consumes on systems. If on some platforms it has already achieved this, on others it is still trying to find its formula for success and how it can manage to take this step.

As now revealed, you will have finally managed to find a way to make it faster on Android, with a simple change. It will focus on this point, to the detriment of a browser that takes up less space on smartphones. The result is a browser that is 30% faster.

The direct result of this change, which Google describes in detail in a recent publication, managed to reach other important areas. So Chrome will consume less CPU, less battery and less memory, and is more limited in managing these resources.

Chrome Android Google smartphones fast

Google's work focused on its browser base itself, and some tweaks were made to the browser's underlying code. In addition, there are improvements to some JavaScript functions: "Object.prototype.toString" and "Array.prototype.join".

The less positive side of all these changes is even in the smartphones that will be able to use them. Not all devices are supported and will have access to these improvements, meaning only top devices can take advantage of Bowser in its fastest version.

It is not clear why Google chose to create this version dedicated only to top smartphones. Even so, the gains are excellent and promise to bring Chrome back to the top on Android, where it will therefore be faster and more efficient, just like you want in a tool like this.

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