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Speaking to Lusa Company, AMN Spokesperson and Portuguese NavyCommander Jose Souza Luis warned that temperatures can be high at this time of year, but the “winter sea” still poses a greater risk.

The AMN warns that most beaches are not monitored at this time of year, so “rescue situations may take longer to respond to, so people should adopt appropriate and responsible behavior to avoid putting themselves in dangerous situations”.


The commander recalled that the AMN had rescued 33 people over the Easter weekend with water problems, mostly due to waves.

“This is one of the main reasons for the rescue. High tide is a current that moves towards the sand. Usually this is an area where there is no current or it is weak, it is a dark area where the sediment is in suspension. A high tide, they should not panic or swim upstream, they will get tired and “you will not reach the sand. You have to stay calm, swim parallel to the shore until you get out of this local current and then swim to the beach”, he explained.

The Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmospheric Affairs considers a good weather forecast (IPMA) on weekends, the AMN recommends that children be permanently supervised and avoid risky behaviors.

AMN asks to call 112 in case of a water emergency.

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