Descendants of Art, respected on Discord, public enemy of the United States – Observer

The name aroused interest. When The New York Times revealed that Jack Teixeira, a 20-year-old soldier, was the author of the document that made secret US documents on international politics public, including the most sensitive ones on the war in Ukraine, the idea of ​​being Portuguese was raised. . .

The confirmation came a few hours later, from a source more than 5,000 kilometers from Lisbon, on the other side of the Atlantic and from the Portuguese territory: Jack Teixeira, arrested by the FBI on suspicion of having disseminated information that endangers security. .of the US defense, was of Portuguese descent, Azorean descent and lived outside of Fall River.

For the couple, Jack was 21 years old, a soldier and close to his sister, who loved computers and had two dogs. On the Internet he was “OG”, who started an online group on social networks mainly devoted to video games, racist memes and guns. To the authorities, Mr. Jackson Teixeira is seen as a terrorist in his own country who spreads secrets on the Internet that should be closed and secret in the field of US Defense.

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