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The Portuguese startup Didimo, known for creating avatars, the so-called digital twins, of users that can be used online, especially in Metaverse environments, has unveiled the new tool Popul8. It is based on generative AI and promises to generate hundreds of characters in a single step and in a few minutes to be used in video games..

The tool promises to help video game artists and developers speed up production. oh Populat8 is described as being able to create hundreds of unique characters, in a fraction of the time and associated costs, reducing costs and weeks of work for production teams.. The goal is to help quickly populate game worlds, such as MMOs, RPGs, or open-world action games, whether playable or NPCs (non-controlling characters).

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oh Popul8 uses Didimo’s avatar creation technology at its base, adding tools based on generative AI to reduce time, but note that they retain full control over their design. Developers can add templates and customize the created characters to the visual style of the game they are working on.

The platform promises to be easy to use, both in creation and in scale edition, encouraging the creation of characters for popular games, but without discouraging their personalization. The CEO and founder of Didimo, Verónica Carvalho, highlights the start-up’s experience in the past decade in research, to make this technology available to game developers in an accessible way. “We optimize a component of work that is more repetitive, so they can focus on creating new game modes“. The company aims to provide more representative digital spaces, authenticity and diversity through the use of generative AI.

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The instrument has four patents and its main features are character creation by AI, maintaining the style and specifications of each game. In a few minutes, it can generate hundreds of characters, which can then be easily customized, either individually or in groups. The generated characters are optimized in terms of memory.

Developers can then export from Popul8, your creations, as it is compatible with Unity and Unreal, which are the main tools today, but also others. The company said that companies such as NOS Comunicações, Ceek, Atom Stars, Soleil Game Studios, Sony and others are partners and current customers of its tools.

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