Double hire license record

Through the Mais Habitação program, the government intends to reduce the local housing system (AL) – forcing municipalities to evaluate new license suspensions. In the two months since the executive announced the ban on renting out houses for tourism purposes, new registrations have skyrocketed: 5,390 were made in Portugal, more than double the 2,090 registered at the same time last year.

According to Business JournalIt is based on data from the National Register of Local Housing (RNL), the number of new registrations is higher than in the pre-pandemic period, i.e. in about two months of 2019 – a period in which 2,064 new units were registered.

By region, the Algarve stood out with 2,482 new registrations in the two months between February 16 and the week starting April 10. The District of Lisbon, one of the regulated regions, has more than 665 units, of which 96 are in the municipality of Lisbon. Porto has already registered 323 ALs, 50 more than the same period last year

The Mais Habitação package approved by the government, for example, foresees the possibility of suspending new licenses that expire after five years or canceling licenses issued without permission.

Entry into force of the new rules occurs only at the end of the legislative process and without any previous obstacles, potential entrepreneurs take the opportunity to submit requests for new registrations.

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