Driver involved in accident with Immobile refutes player’s claims

The Lazio striker crashed his vehicle into a tram last weekend

17 months
– 11:24

(updated at 1:02pm)

The tram driver who was involved in an accident with Lazio striker Immobile said he did not run a red light and dismissed the player’s version. The center forward was involved in a car accident in Rome on Sunday. According to the Italian team’s official statement, the striker suffered exposed rib fractures in the incident but is in good condition.

The player suffered exposed rib fractures in the incident (Photo: IMAGO/Alexandra Fechate)

Photo: Lance!

Immobile crashes the car into a tram on the Matteotti bridge. The attacker’s daughter, who was in the car, suffered only a few bruises. Five other people were injured in the crash and were also taken to a hospital in the area.

However, the driver’s testimony did not match reports from Immobile authorities. Players call the tram “running a red light”. According to Italian newspaper Football Italia, the tram driver said Immobile was “very fast at the time of the collision”.

– Lazio’s medical team informs that today, following a car accident, the athlete Ciro Immobile suffered a stretch trauma to the spine and an open fracture of the right rib. The current condition is very good. The player remains under observation in the emergency department of the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital in Rome, headed by Prof. Francesco Franceschi.

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