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About three months after a significant price cut in January that focused only on the most affordable models, the Model 3 and Y, Tesla returns to the attack, but now extends the price cut to the entire lineup, including the Model S and X that were saved at the beginning of the year. Eventually, some competition will again say that it is not getting into this price war and will again accuse the North American builder of having a suicidal strategy, but the reality is that in the first quarter of 2023, after the first price cut, Tesla increased sales by 40%a value that confirms the good response of the market.

If the price cuts in January ranged between €3000 and €13,000, referring only to the Model 3 and Model Y, now the cut is more transverse, as it focuses on the 3 and the Y in a less “generous” way, concentrating mainly on the top of the Model S and Model X series. It therefore varies between €0 and €10,000, with the highest discount applied to all versions of the S and X.

The Model Y only recorded downward price revisions in the entry-level version, the one with less autonomy and rear-wheel drive (RWD), which has dropped by €2000, so that the Performance version is now €4000 more affordable. The Long Range version, the intermediate one, did not change its commercial value.

Tesla lowers the prices of its models. Find out what has changed


The Model 3 continues its process of differentiation from the Y, increasingly establishing itself as Tesla’s most affordable vehicle. Therefore, all versions have dropped the price, with an emphasis on the Performance, the most powerful, which removed € 6000 from the original value. The price of the 3 Long Range has also dropped (€4000), with the 3 RWD now demanding €5000 less, dropping from the psychological barrier of €40,000 for the first time, when it was offered for €39,990.

As we mentioned above, the Model S has withdrawn €10,000 from its normal and Plaid versions, with the Model X adopting the same strategy. This makes Tesla more powerful, with 1020 hp, available for €131,990, in the case of the Model S Plaid (€106,990 for the regular Model S), for the Model X Plaid which now demands €135,990 (€115,990 for the normal X) .

“Since the launch of the Model 3 in Europe in 2019, our industrial capacity has increased and improved exponentially, allowing us to produce a better product at a cost unmatched in the industry,” said Tesla, thus justifying the fact that the customer has access to “a more accessible Model 3 than ever possible”. Remember that the Model 3 will soon be the target of a restylingin which, in addition to the improvements, it will benefit from the production of the platform in just three pieces, using IDRA’s Giga Casting, which will again reduce production costs.

The constructor is progressing though “Making the Model 3 more accessible in Portugal will help spread electric mobility”to ensure that it “will not compromise what makes Teslas special, in terms of standard equipment, or access to the Tesla Eco System, from app to the Supercharger network, including the ability for remote software updates and the mobile assistance service.

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