ESET and Intel on ransomware attack! Know the solution…

The latest generation of Intel Pro appliances, combined with endpoint security from ESET and Intel DTT, will provide superior ransomware protection for all types of businesses.

ESET and Intel offer formidable protection in the fight against ransomware

By combining their advanced multi-layered security software with 9th Gen Intel vPro via the recently released 13th Gen Intel Core processors, ESET and Intel offer formidable anti-ransomware protection for SMBs and large enterprises.

Elod Kironsky, Vice President of Endpoint Solutions and Security Technologies at ESET refers to…

The growing need for ransomware detection and protection has led us to innovate endpoint security solutions with Intel that evolve in line with new ransomware strains.

By introducing Intel's silicon layer into ESET's existing technology, we are able to detect derivative ransomware variants as they emerge, marking a new milestone in the fight against future threats.

This integration provides multi-layered hardware and software solutions that help bring highly effective security to companies of all sizes using ESET's endpoint security software on Intel-based PCs, including Intel vPro Enterprise and Intel vPro Essentials.

Using Intel DTT, ESET accesses machine learning models trained on CPU-level telemetry to detect ransomware. Organizations that already use or purchase compatible Intel hardware have access to advanced ransomware protection when they implement ESET security solutions.

Carla Rodríguez, Vice President and General Manager of Ecosystem Partner Enabling at Intel...

Businesses of all sizes are concerned about ransomware, a cyber threat that can have devastating financial or operational impact.

To help address this, we're excited to expand our partnership with ESET to offer SMBs and large institutions compelling and flexible security solutions that protect against both known and zero-day threats. This combined offering is a big step forward in the fight against ransomware, and we are impressed with ESET's complete solutions against these advanced threats.

For more than 30 years, ESET has helped businesses, governments, broadcasters and consumers stay protected against the world's most advanced cyber threats through a complete portfolio of innovative security solutions. Integration of Intel DTT allows ESET's protection, telemetry and heuristics modules to work together with Intel's hardware-based ransomware detection technology to detect malicious encryption at the CPU level and jointly analyze and predict more threats.

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