“Even if he defends the player, he can’t put him in the game”



The words of Luís Castro, coach of Benfica B, after the defeat at home to Moreirense, with 7-4, in the 28 Liga SABSEG.

Benfica B was defeated this Sunday in Moreira de Cónegos, by 7-4, and Luís Castro also criticized the referee. The coach of the Eagles regretted the selection of João Afonso, the same referee who had already been supervised in the match with Estrela da Amadora, round 20.

“We still haven’t been able to have two consecutive trips to eleven. Coaching the B team is a problem. They have been doing an amazing job, they are giving a lot. We were very impressed. in the second half. Moreirense is, so far, the most successful team in the competition. Defensively we made mistakes , but there are also many good things. To score four goals against a team like this is not easy”, he said in a quick interview with SportTV.

“I promised that I would not talk about referees again, but I have to. I said after the match with Estrela that the referee would not appear in front of me again and I wished him all the best in the world. How is it possible? to be appointed after two months without refereeing? Even to defend the referee, they cannot put him in this game. I agree that the goal What Moreirense scored was wrongly ruled out, but there is a penalty that Gerson had when it was 0-0. If we had succeeded, it would have been very different. I warned the players at the hotel, I said that it would be the same referee, but they didn’t think about it. [perdidos] in Vila Franca, Estrela and Moreirense. I want to know whose role it is. It’s always about the coach, but if we had six points, maybe it would have been a lot different. I can’t hear you. In order to protect the brand that I have on my chest and the players, I think it is increasing”, he said.

Benfica B is 14th in the league with 31 points.

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