FABR Giro da Rodada has 11 races this weekend

The competition is for four games, all of which will be played on Sunday

After a weekend of several games, FABR has a packed schedule this weekend with 11 games on Sunday (4/16). The duel will take place in the Northeast Cup and the states of São Paulo, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul.

Coritiba Crocodiles is one of FABR’s attractions this weekend – Photo: Letícia Moura

Photo: Lance!

many people’s sunday Oval Matches across the country will begin at 9:00 am when the Ceara Bulldogs and Cukaya Sabers duel at the Almir Dutra Stadium in Maracanau. It will be the second game between the two teams, with the hosts winning the opening game 18-8. In the afternoon, Tropa Campina and Patos FA made their debut matches. Both teams are well supported by players from João Pessoa Espectros, a strong force in the sport in the region.

The SPFL will play five games in three series. Silver kicked off the round at 9.30 am with Assis Captains and Guarás FA facing off in the São Paulo State Gendarmerie Sports Association. At 10:00 AM, the São Paulo Storm takes on Rhynos Academy at the Touchdown Training Center for the second win of the Silver Series. Meanwhile, for the Silver Series, Taubaté Football takes on Caraguá Ghostship at the Municipal Stadium of Professor Virgilio Antunes de Oliveira in Cruzeiro-SP.

In the afternoon, six Spartans and Guarani Indians competed for the Diamond Series at the touchdown practice field. Meanwhile, for Série Ouro, the Cruzeiro Guardians will catch the Santos tsunami at the Municipal Stadium of Professor Virgilio Antunes de Oliveira.

In Campeonato Paranaense, the Coritiba Crocodiles will take on the Ponta Grossa Phantoms at the Croco Stadium in Curitiba-PR on Sunday (16/4) at 9.30 am. At the same venue, starting at 2 p.m., the Lions of Curitiba and the Patron Saints of Paraná will face off in the state capital of Paraná.

There will be two matches at Campeonato Gaúcho on Sunday (16/9). The Gravataí Spartans take on the Canoas Bulls in CT Spartans at 2pm. Finally, from 2:30 pm, CB Ximangos will take on Erechim Coroados at the Sociedade Esportiva e Cultural Palmeiras de Desvio Machado at Carlos Barbosa-RS.

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