FABR Round of the Round has 11 weekend results

Copa do Nordeste, SPFL, Campeonato Paranaense and Campeonato Gaúcho bring American football across Brazil

This weekend saw a lot of football in Brazil. FABR has won four titles in 11 matches in the Northeast Cup, SPFL, Campeonato Paranaense and Campeonato Gaúcho.

Six Spartans make another run in the SPFL – Photo: Yan Barros

Photo: Lance!

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Northeast Cup

The Caucaia Sabers beat the Ceará Bulldogs 8-2 at the Almir Dutra Stadium in Maracanaú in the opening FABR round this Sunday (16/4). The Bulldogs qualified for the regional playoffs as they won Game 1 between the two teams 18-8.

In the afternoon, Patos FA beat Tropa Campina 14-7 at Plínio Lemos, the Olympic village of Campina Grande-PB. Diego and Alemão scored touchdowns for the visiting team. Diego was also happy with the two-point conversion.

The SPFL played five games in three series. In the first match of the day, Guarás FA defeated the Assis Captains of the São Paulo State Sports Association Gendarmerie 33-6. Not long after, Reynolds Academy captured its first Gold Series victory with a 28-12 victory over the St. Paul Storm at the Touchdown Training Center. At the end of the morning game, Caraguá Ghostship beat Taubaté Football 19-0 at the Virgilio Antunes de Oliveira Municipal Professor Stadium in Cruzeiro-SP.

In the afternoon, the six Spartans defied the Guarani team and outscored their opponents 41-6, ending the double-round at the touchdown training center. For the Gold Series, the Cruzeiro defenders took command of the field with a 15-6 win over the Santos Tsunami at the Municipal Professor Virgilio Antunes de Oliveira Stadium.

parana championship

It was another relentless display as the Coritiba Crocodiles beat the Ponta Grossa Mirage 55-0 at the Croco Stadium in the state capital of Paraná. Croco’s touchdowns were scored by Betiato (2), Pedro Gomes, Lucas Lopes, Mendes, Eduardo ‘Piu’ Lopes (2) and Francelino Sanhá. Quarterback Mendez hit three touchdowns in a row, kicker Barca hit five points, and another kicker Clayton of Alvi Wade scored two more points.

We didn’t miss the score. The Patron Saints of Paraná defeated the Lions of Curitiba 55-0 in the closing match of the Paraná State Championship, also at the Croco Stadium, the capital of the state of Paraná.

gaucho championship

Campeonato Gaúcho has two races over the weekend. In CT Spartans, the Canoas Bulls beat the Gravataí Spartans 40-7. In another match, Erechim Coroados beat CB Ximangos 13-7 at Sociedade Esportiva e Cultural Palmeiras de Desvio Machado’s Carlos Barbosa-RS. The game ended in the third quarter due to heavy rain in the area. With these victories, the two teams advanced to the semi-finals, where they will face the Porto Alegre Pumpkins and the Santa Maria Soldiers respectively.

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