FC Porto won and the first place has four points – I Liga

The Portuguese football championship has officially resumed after the defeat of Benfica in Chaves and, now, the victory of FC Porto 2-1 in hosting the troubled Santa Clara, in the round of 28 games.

Just before the action, the dragons learned about the defeat of their red enemies, who are still the leaders, and the ability to shorten the points that separate them from the first place to fourth. And so it was. Santa Clara, who was the last, was a good animal. Uribe and Namaso scored, on opposite sides, goals in blue and white.

As for the eleven of FC Porto, the lack of dragons forced Sérgio Conceição to change, with the notes of Eustáquio and Toni Martínez, to replace Grujic and Taremi.

In the 15th minute, FC Porto could have opened the scoring, but the ball hit the crossbar. Galeno won the second shot with a header, the ball fell to Matheus Uribe, but the Colombian hit the ball over the bar. Toni Martínez tried to take it down again, but it hit the post again.

After half an hour, Toni Martínez fell in the area due to a duel with Nogueira and the referee had no hesitation in imposing a major penalty for the Azorean team. The Dragons opened the scoring with a penalty kick, with Matheus Uribe taking a powerful shot. Gabriel Batista still touched the ball, it took a lot of energy, but he couldn’t avoid the blue and white goal.

Soon, Galeno did not control Matheus Uribe’s pass, Toni Martínez appeared in danger and the Spaniard was brought down in a duel with Sagna. After being informed by VAR, the referee went to see the footage and awarded a new penalty in favor of FC Porto. On the turn, Otávio tried to fool Gabriel Batista with a low shot, but the ball went wide.

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In the second half, Tomaso came on in the 67th minute to replace Toni Martínez and, soon after, celebrated the second goal. Matheus Nunes cut off Galeno’s first attack, the ball was left to Namaso and the Englishman shot at will for the second goal of the night.

A game in which FC Porto dominated, although they made it 2-0 in just 80 minutes. In fact, a few minutes before, Santa Clara managed to easily exchange the ball in the Porto area and the crowd showed their displeasure.

Porto’s immobility gave way to hope: the Azores managed to reduce injury time with a goal from Tagawa. In a fine solo move by Gabriel Silva, he passed the ball to Tagawa who, first, finished before Diogo Costa.

The dragons thus make good use of Benfica’s defeat in Chaves (1-0), now they have 67 points, four points behind the eagles. Santa Clara, which has lost its ninth in a row, remains in 18th and last place, with 15.

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