Lúcia Cavaleiro is responsible for external communications at Tabaqueira

The former director of communications at Uber Portugal took over responsibility for external communications at Tabaqueira in March, revealed herself to ECO. The departure of Lúcia Cavaleiro from Uber has not been reported until now.

Lúcia Cavaleiro was announced as director of communications for the transport application in April 2022, but would eventually leave office seven months later, in November of the same year. Contacted by ECO, she declined to explain what led her to leave Uber Portugal.

In March, the professional took on a new challenge: “the responsibility of Tabaqueira’s external and digital communication areasa subsidiary of the Philip Morris International group, integrated in the Department of Institutional Affairs”, confirmed Tabaqueira through the communication agency that represents it.

“Lúcia Cavaleiro now join Tabaqueira’s Institutional Affairs team, one of the largest national economic groups and exporters, also changing its paradigm”, reads a biographical note provided to ECO.

The note also refers to the “path marked” by “major transformation processes”, such as the one in which the company says it is committed – “completely put an end to the sale of cigarettes”.

Lúcia Cavaleiro’s most important professional experience went to the TAP service. She was with the airline between September 2007 and April 2022, among other things in the position of communications coordinator.

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