Gambler listens to ChatGPT ‘advice’, plays lottery with suggested key and wins prize – Executive Digest

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to evolve and learn every day, with new applications and new possibilities being discovered daily, especially in systems like ChatGPT. A Thai man recently used this chatbot to win a lottery prize.

As well as helping with writing papers and theses, answering questions or responding to commands, the technology has been used to collect a prize in a local lottery in Thailand, in what will be the first time that ChatGPT is used for this purpose.
The case is told by the winner on social networks. Patthawikorn Boonin started by asking the chatbot to list the numbers that have won the lottery in recent years.

Then, with this information, the Thai Chat asked GPT to recommend a series of numbers and a key to play the next lottery.

The system warned users several times that the lottery was a game of chance and, although it recommended the keys to play, it told Boonin not to be “obsessed2” and to “do other activities, such as drinking or to go for a walk”.

The man just continued to listen to advice on the numbers to bet. After several attempts, the AI ​​provided the selected key and, unsure that it worked, the Thai used it to place a bet and won.
He collected a modest amount of around 55 euros, but despite the low amount, he made the party because he found a way to make money with ChatGPT.

The AI ​​has no ability to predict the future, nor will it be able to guarantee a combination that will bring about a certain victory. It is indeed a very intelligent technology with a great learning ability, but in this particular case it was all down to luck.

The odds of winning the lottery with a key chosen by you or one chosen by ChatGPT are the same.

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