Google Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold announced prices ahead of time

Google’s next mid-range smartphone will be officially unveiled on May 10, but it won’t come alone. Everything indicates that this Google I/O event will also serve for the tech giant to present its first foldable smartphone.

Now the alleged prices of both devices appear. Unlike the Pixel Fold, according to Jon Prosser, the Pixel 7a will be available for purchase immediately. The equipment will sell for $499, according to Max Weinbach.

Google Pixel 7a will cost $499

Keeping up with the pattern of recent years, we can therefore expect the Pixel 7a to reach Europe for 499 euros. The device will be available in Charcoal, Snow, Sea and Coral colors. The source says that although the Pixel 6a will not be discontinued and will still be sold.

Google Pixel 7a Charcoal, Snow, Sea (light blue) and Coral (Google Store only) Announcement: May 10, immediately available for purchase 6a will not be discontinued.

β€” jon prosser (@jon_prosser) April 17, 2023

Google Pixel Fold will cost $1799

As for the Pixel Fold, the source says it will hit the market for $1799. If the Pixel 7a will be available immediately, the Pixel Fold can be pre-ordered on the Google Store on May 10. However, it is only available from June 27.

We remember that the Pixel 6a came on the market for US$449, which means that the new model will bring an increase of US$50. And the improvements may justify it. It will have a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, the Tensor G2 processor and support for wireless charging.

At this distance, we have to look at these prices with some potential to be the final values ​​at which the equipment is sold. Although they are not official, it is known that Google is far from the best manufacturer at hiding its secrets.

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