Google wants you to control your home directly on Android Auto

One of the advantages of the Google ecosystem is that it integrates both smartphones and Android Auto and many other services. All these different elements can work in an integrated way and thus give more to users. Google’s next step will be to put control of homes in Android Auto.

Android Auto will be a new control center

Until now, Android Auto is just an interface where users can access maps and media players. It is a limited utility, but it gives way to many more functions and options for the user.

Google wants to change this scenario and now revealed it will give developers the possibility to extend the functions of Android Auto. From what has been revealed, it may add more features and thus give users more control.

Android Auto Google IoT Control House

Google wants to open up its system to programmers

One of the areas where Google seems to want to bet is even the control of IoT devices. Of course, it will be outside the cars where this solution is dedicated to cars, but it will provide remote management of many elements that are in the users' homes.

This additional control that these apps will bring is more accurate and useful than the current Google Assistant commands. This will allow you to configure and control all these different IoT devices in a much more precise and detailed way.

Android Auto Google IoT Control House

Control the home and everything IoT

As always, and to help developers, Google will provide templates that match these functions. Apps must follow design guidelines so that they are not just mobile apps on the car screen. They should be easier to use and allow one-touch activation of features.

This is a change that has been highly anticipated for Android Auto and that users have been asking for. Google's limitations, logically, for this interface are open and will bring many applications that are already on smartphones, with high usage.

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