Guarda Racing Days 2023: Race of Champions

“Garda Racing Days” has been, since the first edition, a race of champions and 2023 will not escape this rule. Many of the biggest names in national motorsport have already been confirmed in the great motorsport party that will take place between 8 and 9 July. The usual route to Cidade Mais Alta.

“Guarda Racing Days” is jointly organized by the municipality of Guarda and Clube Escape Livre, using the simple circuit on the slopes behind the Hotel Versatile, a mixed track with 60% asphalt and 40% dirt.

A route that has been developed as indicated by the riders who have already covered about 1.5 kilometers of the “Guarda Racing Days” layout. Circuit that includes several technical areas, breathtaking ascents and descents that end with famous and spectacular jumps. Traveling twice, it promises to be a spectacle for many visitors who, year after year and safely, make thousands of trips to see the evolution of pilots.

And like the previous editions, the team for this exciting and spectacular event proves to be related to the standards of the organization. A number of pilots have already booked their places in a race that will see more names form a squad of excellence.

Firstly, due to the presence of many Portuguese and Iberian champions. It will be a veritable constellation of stars in terms of drivers and machines, divided into four categories (Rallying, All-Terrain, Off Road and SSV), with several names already confirmed.

We are talking about the BP Ultimate Adventure Team, which will be represented by eight-time Portuguese Cross-Country Champion, Dakar 2006 “Rookie” of the Year, Portuguese Circuit/GT Champion in 2011, Miguel Barbosa and Luis Portela de. Morais. The first is under the control of the impressive Toyota Hilux T1+, the second with the less spectacular OT3.
Prolama, a structure with a huge reputation in national and international off-road, will be present at the “Garda Racing Days”, a Portuguese TT this year with Fernando Barreiros, the 2019 and 2022 T2 Iberian cross-country champion, and returning rider Rui Sousa. After recording the championship (2004) and becoming the FIA ​​Bajas T2 World Champion in 2008.

Other names already confirmed for the 2023 edition of the “Guarda Racing Days” are Antonio Pinto dos Santos, the driver who took his Renault 4L to the World Rally Championship, Nuno Guerreiro at the wheel of an SSV, Frederico Luis, the one and only in the Art of Speed Renault Twingo, and Fernando Peres, three-time Portuguese Rally Champion (1994 – 1996) at the wheel of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

For the drivers from Guarda, highlight the presence of Fábio Cruz, experienced Antonio Matias and Diogo Caramelo and Tiago Cabral, Guarda’s most recognized driver, Francisco Carvalho, currently looking for a competitive car to appear in the 2023 edition “Guarda Racing Days”.
In June, Guarda City Council and Clube Escape Livre presented the event.


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