Hackers steal nearly 10 TB of data from Western Digital and threaten to expose all information – Internet

After claiming to have stolen nearly 10 TB of data from Western Digital, the hackers who attacked it are now threatening expose all information if the company does not contact them to negotiate a large ransom with at least eight figures.

In early April, Western Digital, known for its data storage solutions, announced it was the victim of a security incident. According to advanced information, the attackers managed to exfiltrate data after infiltrating the company’s systems.

in statements ao website TechCrunchone of the hackers who attacked Western Digital claims that the purpose of the attack was to make moneyalthough the group decided not to use ransomware to encrypt data. According to the hacker, the technology was chosen at randomas with the rest of the group’s targets.

Although the company is not disclosing what type of data was stolen, indicating that it is still investigating what happened, hackers claim to have succeeded in stealing customer informationas well as data from a SAP back office used by the technology.

Without going into more detail about the stolen data, or even how the hackers infiltrated the systems, the hacker only claims that the “port” was a vulnerability in the company’s infrastructure.

According to information shared by the hacker, which includes, for example, screenshots of a Western Digital account on the Box platform and an internal email, the group can now use the company’s signature certificate. Additionally, hackers shared several phone numbers belonging to tech executives.

If Western Digital doesn’t contact the hackers, they claim it will publish the stolen data on the Alphv ransomware group’s website. The hacker claims that the group he belongs to is not directly linked to Alphv, but that he recognizes that they are professionals.

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