Halo creative director Frank O’Connor has left Microsoft

Frank O’Connor, creative director of the Halo series since 2003, has left Microsoft, according to the most recent update to his LinkedIn profile, where he no longer lists Microsoft as his employer.

On his LinkedIn page, Frank O’Connor no longer lists 343 Industries as his workplace, not even Microsoft, sparking speculation that he has left the company after 20 years leading the Halo series.

O’Connor worked on the creation of the story and all elements related to the story of Halo, and was a major contributor to all the games released since 2003 and the formation of this very popular Microsoft universe.

On his resume, he lists that in April he will finish his work at Microsoft, the company he decided to stay with in 2008, when Bungie split from the owner of Xbox, to help 343 Industries develop for the Halo series care.

If O’Connor’s departure is indeed official, as his LinkedIn resume suggests, it is the second major exit this week, after Joseph Staten, one of the key creatives of the Halo series, announced he was leaving the company.

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