“He waited nine months at this point, when we lost two games”

Roger Schmidt created a picture of Desp on Friday. Chaves-Benfica and, naturally, he was asked about the two consecutive defeats of the red team, against FC Porto and Inter Milan.

During the press conference, the coach faced possible team fatigue and an over-reliance on the defenders to check all sides.

“I understand your opinion, but as a coach I have to see the big picture. We have 27 games in the league, 71 points, we have scored a lot of goals, we haven’t lost a lot. Sometimes there are games where everything is not good, but that’s football. We can’t lose, we’re not a tied team it’s a lot of money, we have to work hard every day, we have to show good spirit, character, good style of play. This is what the players are doing. If they play games that are not at the highest level and we lose, it doesn’t change anything for me, because I look at the big picture”, emphasized Roger Schmidt, in a long answer.

The coach of the Benfica team remembered how the team had done so far: “Usually, with these points, teams are successful. If you look at other teams in Europe, there aren’t many teams at the top with the most points, the most goals scored and the least amount of goals scored.

«You (ndr. journalist), after being defeated twice, see it a little differently. It’s unusual. He had to wait nine months this time, in which we lost two games, to have a new lesson. I understand, but it does not affect our confidence and our approach », he insisted.

Roger Schmidt confirms that the team is preparing to give a great answer to Chaves: “This is what we did after the game, after the final whistle, we focused on recovery, analysis and preparation for the game with Chaves. Tomorrow is a new opportunity, we hope to play a good game, we hope win and then we will talk about another issue. Now we have to talk about two defeats, it is normal, I understand, I accept, there is no problem, but as a coach I see things differently.”

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