Hockey players: a full night in Portugal with Benfica-FC Porto in the “quarter”

UD Oliveirense (group A), AD Valongo (group C) and Sporting e Óquei de Barcelos (group D) qualified, this Thursday, for the quarterfinals of the Roller Hockey Champions League (WSE Champions League), joining Benfica and FC Porto, who were the former qualifiers and those who will play the top games in the next round.

In group A, Benfica, who are already qualified and the first guaranteed place, drew in the trip to the Spaniards of CP Calafell (2-2) and UD Oliveirense joined the eagles in the qualification. The team of Oliveira de Azeméis won the trip to HC Liceo, in A Coruña (2-3) and finished in second place.

In group B, FC Porto can play with a win or a draw to finish in first place and avoid competition with Benfica, but they lost 6-2 in the trip to Italy’s Trissino, finishing in second place and facing the reds. in the quarterfinals. Trissino is the opponent of UD Oliveirense. In another group game, the Spaniards from Noia had a farewell with a 4-2 victory against Sarzana, from Italy.

In group C, party in Valongo. The northern team received and defeated the Italians from Amatori Lodi with 2-1 and benefited from the drawings of Forte dei Marmi by receiving Barcelona (4-4) to settle for second place, behind the Catalans.

In group D, Sporting and Óquei Barcelos proved to be lucky and scored two goals in Barcelos. The Spaniards of Reus defeated the French of Saint-Omer (4-7), but they needed someone else not to lose in Barcelos, which did not happen.

Therefore, in the quarterfinals, scheduled for 4 and 5 May, there are duels Benfica-FC Porto, Sporting-AD Valongo, Barcelona-Óquei de Barcelos and Trissino-UD Oliveirense.


Group A:
1st: Benfica, 12 points
2: UD Oliveirense, 10
3: HC High School, 6
4: CP Calafell, 3

Group B:
1st: Trissino, 14 points
2.º: FC Porto, 11
3: Girl, 8
4: Sarzana, 0

Group C:
1st: Barcelona, ​​13 points
2: AD Valongo, 11
3: Forte dei Marmi, 9
4: Amatorio Lodi, 0

Group D:
1st: Game, 11 points
2: Oquei Barcelos, 10
3: Reus, 10
4.º: Saint-Omer, 3

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