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This is not news Rent a house in Portugal It is increasingly expensive, after all, an evolution created by the existing imbalance between lack of supply and high demand. Now, the Institute of National Statistics (INE) has confirmed that house rent per square meter increased by 4.2% between March 2023 and the same month of the previous year. And where it is in the Autonomous Region of Madeira Accommodation for rent getting more expensive.

“Its homogenous variationHousing rent per square meter was 4.2% in March 2023 (3.8% in the previous month), notes INE. Report card Published this Thursday, March 13th.

This is a visible reality across the country, as “all regions have seen positive changes year-on-year Housing rent”, highlights the Institute. It really was Autonomous Region of Madeira Which was the sharpest increase of 4.8%.

Compared to the previous month (February 2023), INE understands that the average value Housing rent A variation of 0.5% per square meter was registered (equal to the value registered in the previous month).

Again, it was Autonomous Region of Madeira That stands out, while the region with the most positive monthly change (0.7%). The Office for National Statistics also noted that there were no regions with a negative variation in the corresponding average value Housing rent In this episode.

The rise of Houses for rent in Madeira Can be explained, in part, by the growing demand for foreigners, namely Digital nomads To live in the region, and Portuguese families are looking for a good balance between professional and family life. For example, the funchal One of the Portuguese municipalities most sought after by families in North America house rent, In fact, demand will more than triple between 2020 and 2022.

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