“I don’t blame him, I wasn’t home…”


Mike Stoddart was from the English press. The work has now lasted 47 years and the number of cards does not compromise in terms of longevity: 4387 yellow cards and 689 red cards.

Mike Stoddart is a judge who, on the English circuit, takes word knowledge to the next level. With a career that has lasted almost half a century, the judge calls himself “the toughest in the world”.

As the Sun reports, last Monday, Stoddart, 69, has a strange experience in the king’s game. The judge already has 47 years of work, 4387 yellows and 689 reds. In between, he remains a Leeds fan, something that has already caused one or the other headlines, like when Alex Ferguson met him, in the 90s.

“He came into the audience changing room and, knowing I loved Leeds, he said to me: ‘Howard Wilkinson. [na altura, treinador do Leeds] I will be happy with you!’”, he said, recalling the 1992 episode.

Remembering Alan Shearer’s lies about his father’s work (a priest who was not and forced the striker to apologize, without reason) and remembering the difficulties of maintaining a marriage between many matches, the referee, “harder than the world” promised to continue “as long as the knees allow” .

In one season, Mike Stoddart reportedly played 205 games and the marriage never ended. “I can’t blame my ex-wife. I’ve never been at home…”, he recalls.

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