In addition to the CEO of TAP, several administrators also used TAP’s vehicle for their purposes – the Observer.

In addition to Christine Ourmières-Widener, several TAP managers used the company’s vehicles and drivers for their own purposes. story Live Money. Alexandra Reis asked drivers to take their children to Sporting Academy and Gonçalo Pires to school. Fernando Medina was seen driving the car of Stéphanie Sá Silva, the former head of law.

The act that exposed the driver and was confirmed by the former head of the airline, in the parliamentary committee investigating the management of TAP, was. habit within TAP directors.

Alexandra Reis, who criticized the actions of Christine Ourmières-Widener, says she also used TAP drivers to pick up her children Sporting lessons where he played football and various family problems.

Dinheiro Vivo also reveals that Gonçalo Pires, the financial manager, is also among the people who asked for their trips, so that their children can go to school, and that an official asked for a big car because of the lack of space. family.


The source cited by Dinheiro Vivo also indicated that the car belonging to the wife of Fernando Medina, who left the position of head of legal affairs at TAP when the former mayor of Lisbon took over the position of the Ministry of Finance, was also modified. bicycle racks on the roof.

More than that, the ruler is now too he drove the van A Peugeot 308 owned by a TAP employee – which will not cause problems, according to the contract of the car service with TAP’s head of law at the time, Stéphanie Sá Silva.

The TAP pilot case revealed the “executive leadership” of Christine Ourmières-Widener

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