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For the second year in a row, the Graciosa FC Under 13 team participates in the International Children’s Football Championship, organized by Clube União Micaelense and taking place over the extended Easter weekend.

In this youth football festival, 24 teams from 8 countries participated, some representing the Azores diaspora, such as Bermuda, Canada, the United States, Uruguay and others.

So, in addition to the nine Azores clubs, there are teams from mainland Portugal, Madeira, the United States, Canada, Uruguay, Cape Verde, Italy and Kazakhstan.

The unforgettable performance of the young players of Graciosa FC in the fifteenth edition of the International Football Championship achieved a glorious 13th place (3 places above the ranking obtained in 2022) after the following results:

group matches

Sporting 4-0 Graciosa

Graciosa 4-1 Agia CD

Bayside 3-1 Graciosa

Funny FC 2-2 EF Mini Feet

CD Lousanense 4-0 Graciosa

Second round (elimination round)

Graciosa 1-1 Campomajorense

(4-3 after penalties)

The gap between 13th and 14th

SC Angrense 1-2 Graciosa FC

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