Inter x Metropolitanos-VEN Guidelines and Certification

The Internacional will play Conmebol Libertadores’ Mets next Tuesday (April 18) at 7pm at the Bellario Stadium. Certification of approved individuals sending requests will be completed between 2:00pm and 6:00pm., Tuesday, at the press entrance of the stadium. Photographers must be posed at prescribed positions around the venue between 17:00 and 18:00.

The Conmebol Libertadores Club Manual establishes rules that clubs and media that do not hold rights must abide by. Here are some of them:

Take video recordings inside the stadium (i.e. from the security ring/perimeter) Only rights holders of the tournament are allowed. All other non-copyrighted media can only record videos in the mixed zone and press conferences according to the club manual. Use the buttons below to learn more:

Recording equipment: Those who are not recognized may walk onto the press stands, booths and/or stands with cameras. The club will provide lockers for this material and it will work in Gigantinho. (Club Handbook page 240)

For photographers, monopods are allowed, as well as chairs/benches to support equipment, as long as they are placed behind the bench at the photo location, not next to it. Umbrellas, tripods, ladders or drones are not allowed. (page 241)

After the warm-up, photographers will be taken around the tunnel to take opening ceremony photos, lineups, official team photos and referee/captain photos. (page 184)

Approved list:

non-rights holding media
Rogério Amaral – ACEG
Fabiano Barbosa – ACEG
Jean-Michel Habiaga – ACEG
Roberto Reboredo – ACEG
Daniel Oliveira – band
Ribeiro Neto – band
Kalwyn Correa – band
Thaigor Janke – band
Lucas Dias – band
Cristiano Cardoso – band
Joao Carvalho – Orchestra
Paolo Brito – The Baldasso Canal
Lucas Weber – Baldasso Canal
Lucas Fontes – Baldasso Canal
Jairo Winck – Baldasso Canal
Carlos Jornada – Website
Clairene Giacobe – Website
Renan Neves – Website
Rogerio Barbosa – Website
Pedro Ernesto – Gauchos
Luciano Perico – Gaucho
Adroaldo Guerra – Gaúcha
Vinicius Moura – Gauchos
André Silva – Gauchos
Rodrigo de Oliveira – Gaucho
Douglas Demoman – Gaucha
Gleydson Ferreira – Gaúcha
Jean Max – Gaucho
Mateus Camargo – Gauchos
Richard Borges-Gaucho
Jorge Baltar – Gazeta
André Prestes – Bulletin
Haroldo de Souza – GRENAL
Luiz Carlos Reche – GRENAL
Leonardo Sander – GRENAL
Bruno Abichequer – GRENAL
Jose Thiago Lemes – GRENAL
Luis Felipe dos Santos – GRENAL
Patrick Simmons – GRENAL
Moses Erie – Independent
Jacy Pretto – Independent
Artur Dullius – Independent
Andre Santana – Independente
Dagoberto Machado – Inter de Todos
Marcelo Cardoso – Inter de Todos
Bruna Marçal – Inter de Todos
Cezar Costa – Itapua
Pedro Melo – Itapua
Yan dos Santos – Itapua
Vinicius Alves – Itapua
Douglas Freitas – Porto Alegre 24 hours
Mauricio Borba – Porto Alegre 24 hours
Hugo Pereira – 24 hours in Porto Alegre
Marcel Klein – Progresso Ijuí
Rogério Sinica – Progresso Ijuí
Adriano Garcia – Rádio Galera
Lucas Freitas – Radio Galera
Paulo Bizarro – Rádio Galera
Orestes de Andrade – Radio Guaíba
Carlos Guimarães – Radio Guaíba
Cristiano Silva – Radio Guaíba
Geison Lisboa – Rádio Guaíba
Ana Aguiar – Radio Guaiba
Paulo Nunes – Radio Guaíba
Ricardo Pasini – Radio Guaíba
Ivan Barreto – Radio Guaiba
Wagner Jung – Radio Hell
Juliano Machado – Radio Hell
Lucas Dalenogare – Radio Hell
João Carlos Rodrigues – Show do Vale
Paulo Furtado – Show do Vale
Arthur Carvalho – Uniritter
Rafael Nunes Brum – Uniritter
Leonardo Oliveira – Uniritter
Lucas Rosa – Uniritter
Jaderson Simões – Uniritter
Lucasland – Voice of the Giants
Marcelo Rosa – Action Football
Eduardo Taborda – RWL Blog
Tainan nuns – SCI Channel
Rafael Anele – Freelancer
Elfuni Zaniol – Freelancer
Bruno Ravazzolli – GE.COM
Little Walter – GZH
Douglas Storaka – Parallel 30
Junior Giacobbo – acting
Barbara Niedermeyer – RDC TV
Mauricio Fonseca – Review of GRENAL
Matheus Almeida – Review of GRENAL
Thiago Stomovski – Revista Colorada
José Aveline Neto – GOOOL Magazine
Milton Rosa – Sportsdata
Thiago Sean – TS SCOUT
Gabriel Muniz – TV Pampa
Eduardo Caspari – Mista District
David Pires – Mista District
Alencar da Rosa – Freelancer
Alex Viana – F8 Photojournalism
Andre Avila – Zero Hour
Daniel Boucinha – Foco POA Magazine
Diego Valla – Reuters
Digue Cardoso – Freelance Agency
Donald Hadlich – Code 19 Photojournalism
Enio Bianchetti – SERRANOSA Group
Everton Pereira – Pereira Photography Press
Everton Silvera – Freelancer
Fabiano Martins – FML Sports
Felipe Camejo Kley – Enquadradar
Leonidas Cardoso – ARFOC-RS
Lucas Bubols – La Garra LAB
Maicon Jacondino – F10 Communications
Marcelo Oliveira – MFCOM Press
Marcos Belo – Football Club
Matheus Pé – News 2
Mauro Schaefer – Correio do Povo
Max Peixoto – Games
Maxi Franzoni – Freelancer
Miguel Noronha – Futura Press
Pedro H. Tesch – AGIF
Raul Pereira – Foto Arena
Ricardo Rimoli – EFE
Roberto Vinicius – AFAGOTO
Rodrigo Zibel – ARFOC-RS
Ronaldo Funari – Photo Press
Silvio Ávila – AFP
Victor Lanners – Zero91
Vinicius Saraiva – Freelancer
Wesley Santos – News by the Numbers
William Anacleto – Shooting
André Monteiro – Freelancer
Flavio Escobar – Corazza Productions
Jefferson Flores – RBS Television
Rogério Aguiar – Band TV
Leonardo Brito – Zero Hora
Fernando Alves – Getty Images

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