IRS 2022: A program that helps you to pay the IRS easily

With the IRS 2022 software you can easily file your 2022 IRS tax return as long as it is processed by Automatic IRS. Once your declaration has been submitted, you can also use the app to get proof of delivery or receipt.

IRS tax returns are due by June 30

The Income Tax (IRS) covers the income of Portuguese residents and non-residents who earn income in Portugal.

The process of delivering the IRS declaration is underway in Portugal until 30 June and there are already refunds falling into the Portuguese account. For those who are covered by the IRS only, you can use the IRS 2022 program (Android e iOS)

IRS 2022: A program that helps you to pay the IRS easily

According to the latest information, about 2 million IRS statements have already been archived.

With the IRS alone, taxpayers have access to a declaration filled out by the Tax Authorities. The automatic IRS is available to employees, self-employed people under the simplified regime who only work in a practical role and retirees.

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