“Is Ramadan harmful to players? Benzema is the best when he celebrates…”


Samir Nasri believes more attention is currently being paid to Muslim athletes fasting at this time of the calendar.

Former France international Samir Nasri, who has played for clubs including Marseille, Arsenal and Manchester City, argued on Monday that Muslim athletes receive far more media attention during Ramadan, which this year is March 22-April 21.

Referring to French show Canal FC, the 35-year-old former attacking midfielder said it was a private matter that should not be subject to public scrutiny, adding that practice-related fasting would not affect performance during games. field, in the case of Karim Benzema.

“Why do they want to know if I observe Ramadan? In my day, they didn’t ask me that question. Today, it’s a social debate. We’re in a secular country where religion has to remain a private sphere. Everyone you know now It’s Ramadan, who are the muslim players. People watch the games and if those players are ineffective, take them away and that’s it. Why do they ask if they are observing Ramadan? The attitude has changed because it’s Ramadan and people start See you differently,” he began pointing out.

“[Pedir aos jogadores para não fazerem jejum] It shouldn’t happen. Let’s go to the feet of all Catholics and ask who also celebrates Easter? Benzema is at his best when celebrating Ramadan. Let’s talk about this too? Everyone has an opinion. Players are also motivated by what they believe in, people don’t realize it. Some people eat McDonald’s and score hat-tricks, it doesn’t make sense,” added Nasri, who ended his career in 2020.

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