Is your Samsung smartphone draining a lot of battery? The keyboard is to blame

With the arrival of the Galaxy S23, Samsung also brought One UI 5.1, with many improvements. Unfortunately, this new version also seems to have a problem. Battery drain has skyrocketed and now the cause has been revealed. The fault lies with Samsung’s keyboard, which has now been updated.

Something users don't want is problems with Android updates. It arrives slowly and as such they must arrive perfect and free from situations that can negatively affect the functioning of the smartphone.

That's not what happened with One UI 5.1, which had early performance issues, especially when it came to battery life. Complaints have been piling up for several months, without Samsung revealing the cause of this problem or even fixing it for users.

Now, and in one of its official forums, the brand has finally come stated that this was a real problem and point out the cause for it. From what an administrator of this forum revealed, the cause was in the Samsung keyboard application, which abnormally consumed this essential resource of the smartphone.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Keyboard Battery Consumption

In addition to reporting the cause of the problem, it was also revealed that it was outdated and fixed. Samsung recently released an update to the keyboard app, which addresses this abnormal battery drain on smartphones with One UI 5.1.

This is an update that everyone should apply to their devices even if they are not using this Samsung fix. If you change the keyboard you use on your smartphone in the future, you will avoid this problem preventing the correct performance of your smartphone.

This is another problem solved this way. This is "caused by the additional qualification process (related to stickers and emojis)" of the keyboard, something that disappears. Samsung has taken care of its solution and high battery consumption becomes a problem of the past.

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