It will be much easier to navigate the settings of this application

All users are waiting for WhatsApp news and what the developers have prepared. It embraces several areas, often focused on its interface and usability. Now, and according to what is already being tested, it will be much easier to navigate in this application’s settings.

What's new in WhatsApp settings

Gradually, WhatsApp and its developers improved this application and its service. There are many changes that are being tested and are preparing to appear soon, to make this app even more efficient and better for users.

If most of the improvements are focused on new features, there are also profound changes in this app's interface itself. It aims to make WhatsApp more intuitive to use on the different platforms where it is already present and used.

The most recent change is coming precisely in this area, but in an area where there have been no changes for a long time. We are talking about definitions, where users now have a search area where they can search for the desired or searched terms.

Just search in the options of this app

This new search zone is at the top of the list of WhatsApp options and can be selected by users. To use it, simply write which of the settings you want and then select one of the options offered by the application. The more detailed, the easier it will be to find the option you are looking for.

Of course, this help would be welcome to facilitate the use of this application's settings. So users no longer have to navigate through the many sub-menus of WhatsApp, go straight to what they are looking for and what the user wants to change.

For now, this new option is still being tested on users who select these versions. Soon it should be transferred to the final versions of WhatsApp and therefore accessible to everyone and ready to use for searching in the settings.

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