It works! Reduce your electricity bill with these tricks

There are many ways to reduce your electricity bill. Some better some worse. However, most of them work. We went around the internet and even reddit and compiled some of the best tricks. That said, really cut your electricity bill with these tricks!

It works! Reduce your electricity bill with these tricks

Reddit is a paradise for all kinds of users, even those who want to lower their electricity bill. After all, there are communities for all topics. Even subreddits for energy efficiency and savings. Furthermore, Reddit is a community where everyone can contribute, regardless of their education, status or position. The most important thing is that contributions are appreciated by the community. In other words, Reddit can be a great source of wisdom.

Behavioral change is not everything.

One of the things we often refer to on Reddit is that changing behavior isn’t everything. In fact, in some cases it can have even the most limited impact. This is because there is something much more effective than that. I’m talking specifically about the change to more efficient technologies.

That is, if we have a very old refrigerator that consumes a lot of light, many of the tricks will have a limited impact. It’s the same as wanting to save on energy spent by lights and just being more careful about turning them off instead of changing light bulbs for LED bulbs.

LED lights burn out

Basically, making the right decisions to buy new appliances is much more profitable in the long run.

In fact, households that choose energy-efficient appliances can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

Choosing the most energy efficient device makes sense when you need to get a new one. However, in most cases it makes more sense to wear devices until they stop working. After all, replacing them also costs money.


Your fridge and freezer consume electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Adjust the temperature to the one you really need. However, your fridge or freezer will be more energy efficient if it is full, because the air does not retain temperature very well. Fill the empty space with water containers or other dense materials as mentioned here.

If you never need all the space in your fridge or freezer, consider getting a smaller one next time. In the meantime, dust your old fridge and freezer coils to help them cool more efficiently.

Washing machine

Up to 90% of the energy consumed by a washing machine goes to heat the water. However, modern detergents work wonderfully well at lower temperatures. So try washing your clothes in cold water to reduce your electricity bill. However, try to wear your clothes more than once before washing them, this will reduce the amount of laundry.

lower the electricity bill


Reddit doesn’t talk much about the issue of making computers more energy efficient. Possibly because there is not much to do. It is true that we can save energy with your computer. But the thing is, it’s too little. Of course, if a desktop computer with a powerful processor and graphics card is always on, it will have an impact on the electricity bill. But not as much as we might expect.

clean the computer


It seems to be the most sensitive subject, even though it affects people only during part of the year.

Do not heat more than necessary. It doesn’t need to be cooked just because it’s cold outside. Close the doors to the rooms you keep warm. Insulate your windows and close them to reduce drafts.

lower the electricity bill

Let the sun in during the day and close the blinds to keep the warm air out of the windows when the sun is gone.

Wear socks, flip-flops and extra layers of clothing to stay warm.

Place a hot water bottle on your bed before you go to sleep.

To cook

Electric plates can have a big impact on your electricity bill. However, there are ways to deal with this situation and solve the electricity bill.

lower the electricity bill

For example, use a lid when cooking or boiling food on a stove. This shortens the cooking time as the food is cooked.

Air conditioning

Insulate your windows as described above for heating to reduce warm drafts.

Make sure your central air conditioner is clean and make sure it’s working properly.

Use window AC units to cool a single room instead of a central unit that cools the entire house.

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