LED bulbs with a 50 year lifespan? Yes, it’s the new Philips

LED bulbs are a good way to save on your electricity bill, becoming increasingly popular and common in homes in Portugal. However, the longevity of these solutions was initially questioned, something that Philips now wants to put in the past when announcing new lamps. Philips Ultra Efficient LED Bulbs.

At stake is a new generation of LED lamps that, according to the brand, have a Service life that can reach 50 years. These are incredible values ​​with which the energy savings also double, one points out Additional 40% savings in energy consumption Compared to previous generations.

Philips ultra efficient LED bulbs promise up to 50 years of light

Compared to traditional incandescent or filament bulbs, LED bulbs consume less energy, generate less heat (dissipated energy) and can last longer. In fact, LED bulbs can consume 90% less energy than filament bulbs.

What’s more, the new generation of lamps are even ‘greener’. That is, they create a smaller environmental impact because they do not contain toxic substances such as mercury and emit fewer greenhouse gases during use or production.

Philips Hue G93 E27 LED bulb

Power: 7 watts
Equivalent power (60 watts)
Luminous intensity: 550 lumens
Color: Cool to Warm (Variable)
Control: App, Alexa and Google Assistant
Fitting / bushing: E27
Attentive: Yes

In this segment, some brands compare to Philips with its history know how LED lighting solutions as we know them now. such as in advance The brand itself, the new generation doubles the energy savings and significantly extends the durability of the product.

Save more energy with Philips LED bulbs

The announcement was made by Philips parent company Signify, reporting on a new range of LED lamps that promise to be even more energy efficient. The question is the new Philips Ultra Efficient LED that consumes 40% less energy than previous generation LED lamps.

These are incredible metrics for anyone looking to effectively reduce their electricity bill at the end of the month, even if the initial investment is actually substantial. However, the news doesn’t stop there, Signify promises a useful life of up to 50 years for new lamps.

This is therefore a 3-fold increase in the lifespan of standard Philips LED bulbs, thus ensuring an investment for the future. Now, it remains to be seen when and at what price these promising LED lamps will arrive in Portugal.

Finally, news Philips Ultra Efficient LED Slowly reaching the North American market. There, our prices start at $10 for the base model (60W equivalent) in two variants of soft white light and “day” light.

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