LEXUS celebrates 3 million ES model sales

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LEXUS celebrates 3 million ES model sales

  • The Lexus ES is a successful model that helped launch Lexus in 1989

  • Long time reference for luxury and comfort.

  • European sales now focus on the ES 300h, the latest generation hybrid

April 14, 2023 – Lexus’ most popular sedan, the Lexus ES, has surpassed three million units sold worldwide. A milestone was reached 5 years after its arrival in Western Europe and 33 years after the brand launched in the US with the introduction of the ES 250 and the large sedan LS 400.

The ES is currently the second best-selling Lexus of all time, behind the RX crossover, which has registered 3.6 million global sales to date. The ES was the second most popular Lexus model in 2022, selling 167,628 units worldwide, surpassed only by the RX’s 178,234 units. Of the seven occasions that ES annual sales exceeded 100,000 units, four were between 2019 and 2022.

In Europe, the ES 2022 ranks fourth on the Lexus sales chart (4,895 units) and is considered a very relevant model in the fleet sector. It remains the best-selling Lexus sedan in the region in a lineup once dominated by the RX, NX and UX crossovers.

Since its introduction in 1989, the ES has established itself as a central model in the e-premium segment, attracting both private individuals and companies. The model has been widely acclaimed for its luxurious and spacious cabin, class-leading comfort, exceptional quietness, elegance and intuitive handling.

The current generation ES is built on Lexus’ acclaimed Global Architecture – K (GA-K), the platform that has enabled Lexus designers to explore the sedan’s boundaries of “provocative elegance”. The long wheelbase provides excellent roominess for wheel placement at all four corners of the vehicle. The platform allows for the integration of a low bonnet and a coupé silhouette.

In Western and Central European markets, the ES is available with an electrified engine. As of 2018, the ES 300h features a smooth and efficient fourth-generation Lexus Hybrid Drive System. In other global markets, ES also offers various petrol engine options such as ES 200, ES 250 and ES 350.


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