LG to supply Samsung with OLED panels for TVs? Does that make sense?

Seeing big competitors working together, often within the same business area, is strange, but… It happens a lot! After all, we have Samsung supplying various components to Apple for its popular iPhone, where we have to highlight the high quality OLED screen, and apparently we will also start to see LG supplying OLED panels for Samsung to mount its TVs.

The world of technology has really strange things!

LG to supply Samsung with OLED panels for TVs? Does that make sense?

Therefore, it seems, even if it is extremely strange, that LG is even in talks with Samsung to supply its OLED panel technology (W-OLED) to its old countrywoman and rival. We are talking about a partnership that should start with about 200 ~ 300 thousand W-OLED panels. Why?

Well, as you may know, Samsung itself manufactures OLED panels through its subsidiary Samsung Display. Still, it seems that there is room for a partnership with the South Korean giant LG, to launch new models in the mid- and high-end much faster.

After all, Samsung has specialized in small OLED panels for many good years, and for that reason it seems to take some care to increase production lines. The bet has already begun on QD-OLED monitors and TVs, but is far from being in large quantities. This is where LG comes in! Which has stabilized its production lines, and is even one of the largest suppliers of many other brands of TVs and monitors.

Interestingly, this deal is more important to LG than it is to Samsung. Why? Well, after the COVID frenzy, the demand for OLED panels dropped a lot, ultimately pushing LG Display into the red. This is exactly why, after an initial negotiation failure due to the exaggerated prices that LG would charge, things look much better in 2023.

If all goes well, the first Samsung products with an LG W-OLED panel could hit the market as early as 2024. What do you think of all this? Share your opinion with us in the comment box below.

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