MAGÉ Athlete Scholarship Registration Opens

The municipality won 74 gold medals in the event’s final season. Registration for the Magé Athlete Scholarship is open until April 26th. The program provides grants of R$ 450 for amateurs, R$ 900 at the state level, R$ 1,200 at the national level and R$ 2,700 for athletes at the international level. 36 scholarships will be offered and registration will take place at the Sports, Leisure and Seniors Secretariat of the Nelson Ferreira Lima multi-sport in Pau Grande. For more information, please view the announcement.

“This is an opportunity for the city’s athletes to develop. We know how difficult it is to pay for everything an athlete has in their life: body care, registration, travel. The Bolsa Atleta project is one of the most important in the portfolio!” Sports, Recreation and Seniors Minister Geilton Camara said

In the final season of the Bolsa Atleta program, Magé won 74 gold, 65 silver and 43 bronze medals in the most diverse disciplines: mountain biking, swimming, jujitsu, judo, bodybuilding, American football, triathlon , flag football, taekwondo, karate, handball and track and field

“It was a year of achievements! I won state, national and South American titles which earned me the title of Sportsman of the Year. I was in the top 40 in the world rankings and in Brazil I was in the light contact category. Best Athlete – The goal of an athlete is to touch the opponent as much as possible, with the fastest speed and the least amount of force. Athlete scholarships are helpful for participating in championships. National events are far away, in Sao Paulo, Paraná, etc. International stage in 2022, registration is paid in US dollars and the athlete scholarship allows me to participate,” said Luiz Thiago, a 30-year-old taekwondo athlete.

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