“Many people” have been killed and injured in the war in Sudan

The association of doctors in Sudan confirmed, this Saturday, that the fighting in Khartoum between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF, for its acronym in English) has already caused “a number of deaths and injuries”.

“We confirm that there are many dead and many injured people who are still trapped because of the conflict”, revealed the Union of Sudanese Doctors, which is considered as a source of international organizations in the previous cases of violence in the African country. , on his page on the social networking site Facebook.

However, the organization did not come up with the exact number of victims, saying that, at present, it is impossible to continue his calculationsbecause of the chaos and violence that is happening in the capital of the country.

“We call on all armed forces to stop the fighting and open a safe way for the wounded to receive medical treatment,” added the coalition, which was able to identify at least three dead and nine wounded in the first hours of the war.

Oh Chad announced the closure of its border with Sudan, which is a thousand kilometers to the east of the country.

“Due to the chaos, Chad, as a way to protect its borders, decided to close the border with Sudan until further notice,” said government spokesman Aziz Mahamat Saleh, in a statement reported by France-Presse.

The RSF claimed control of the palace, as well as Khartoum airport, Sudan’s largest, which was contested by the military.

The violence that took place this Saturday in Sudan was strongly condemned, especially by the United Nations (UN), the European Union, the United States of America, Russia and the Arab League, which called for an immediate end.

The clashes come two days after the army warned of “dangers” in the country that could lead to war, following the gathering of the RSF in the capital of Sudan and in other cities without the permission or cooperation of the army.

This promotion took place during negotiations to achieve a political agreement that could end the chaos in 2021 and lead Sudan to a democratic transition, an agreement whose signing was suspended twice this month due to conflicts and conflicts between the Army and the RSF. .

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