Marcelo says that the Government “could have already” increased the pension and introduced more support: “If it is necessary, I think it is difficult that there is no more”

The President of the Republic said on Monday that he had “no doubt” that the government would continue to raise pensions. “We found something that was obvious to me: that the basis for calculating the pension increase will be the basis for the increase that would be due to the use of the law. happen”, announced Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to the press, at the entrance of Culturgest, in Lisbon, where he is participating part in the awarding of the Pessoa Prize, the Expresso and CGD service.

According to the government official, in the matter of pension, and the increase announced this evening by the prime minister, The government is now “doing what it could have done when at one point it decided to wait and see if it could do it”. And he warned that if he didn’t, he could be forced to do it: “I always thought I would, because if I didn’t, there would be legal problems that would arise.”

The Prime Minister, António Costa, together with the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, arrived at a press conference at the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers, at the former Ministry of the Sea.


Still on pension, he reviewed The commitment that was left in the morning by the Minister of Finance on the accounting system that will be used in 2024: “We also learned today what was clear to me, that the basis for calculating the amount of pension is the basis for the increase that would have come from following the law. I never doubted that it would happen, but remember that, at that time, we were waiting to see if the economy was good or not and if there was no money or not.

The President of the Republic, however, predicted that family support would be needed. “What has happened and what has shown is that, speaking, at the end of last year, about what happened at the end of the year, [o Governo] he said ‘we’ll see if it’s right or not in the spring’. Here they are in the spring park. If it was needed in the fall, it will be here in the fall”, he said. And he added: “I would say that, right now, this is what they will try to do in these months until the summer. More may be needed. If there is a need for more, I think it is difficult not to have more.”

“Optimistic” Stability Program

The event was also an opportunity for the President to comment on the Stability Program that was presented last week and explained on Monday by the Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina. “This program is interesting. It starts from the fact that, to overcome the end of the war, to deal with the current situation of inflation and the delay in the recovery of the European economy, progress will be made. It depends. As it is 2027, one can be optimistic, because if it was this year or next year it would be a sign. because of what is real. For 2027 it offers an opportunity to show more growth, more money, better distribution of money. So basically it will be true or not,” said the President

When asked if the process is a sign that the parliament will end, Marcelo explained that “The program must be presented today, it is not a real one”, it is part of the European calendar. “This is the time of the year when, thanks to Brussels, a plan must be given that lasts several years. In this way it ends in 2027, which is beyond the laws that expire in 2026. Ending in 2027 means. that the next Government must also deal with the plan, because it must approved in Brussels. Of course there is a debate in Parliament, then they are sent to Brussels. Let’s see what the final result of this process is”.

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