Marques Mendes does not understand why PSD “took so long” to explain the matter to Chega, but praises the cut with Ventura.

It was the good news of the PSD leader’s interview last Friday: once and for all, Luís Montenegro confirmed that he does not rely on Chega for “political support” of any kind. The position of breaking with the party of André Ventura is good for Marques Mendes, political analyst of SIC Notícias and former leader of PSD, but it took time.

I don’t understand why PSD took so long to be heard” the story of Chega, said Marques Mendes. “Now that it’s cut clear, I can appreciate it.”

As he often does, the commentator divided the points into three to see how good the departure of Montenegro was against Ventura. On the one hand, “it ends with noise around the PSD due to Chega, which did not allow messages to pass” and on the other hand it provides “a sign of interest in the center“. For Marques Mendes, middle-class voters disillusioned with the PS government can approach the PSD without the spirit of Chega.

Finally, from the second argument, the third is the right vote. “Many will realize that the final vote is for PSD and that Chega’s vote would be meaningless.“, said Marques Mendes.

The main part of the discussion about Montenegro is CNN Portugal, and about results, was close to Ventura’s story. The former leader of the orange saw, however, more reasons to be grateful.

“Montenegro had the best interview so far, the happiest of all”, he added, with “a deep message, that they want to win. [eleições] European Championship, but if you don’t win, you won’t leave” and, abroad, “he created a border with beauty” in relation to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, proving himself to be on behalf of the socialist government.

After this, last Monday, the President of the Republic said that the Portuguese will not see any other Government, an idea that Marques Mendes agrees with. “it takes time.”

Rui Moreira and Marta Temido are opportunities for the Europeans, says Mendes

The commentator of SIC Notícias also spoke about the case of Boaventura Sousa Santos – considering that the presumption of innocence is not a problem, but remembering that there are several complaints -, about the zero VAT, which he sees as a good measure – I am sure it will bring results” – as well as economic growth, referring to the country’s “big tax problem”. But actually it was about politics that he predicted new things.

Rui Moreira, the current mayor of Porto, has been known as a candidate for the PSD for the European elections (2024) for several months. The mayor has always refused to give a definitive answer about this, and kept the restrictions. Marques Mendes expands.

I think it is possible to be Rui Moreira“a representative of social democracy, said the democrat, who sees the mayor of Porto as “an honorable and very popular person”.

As for another big party, Marques Mendes has a name: Marta Temido. The former Minister of Health has been repeatedly described as a possible candidate for Lisbon and the PS, in the municipal elections of 2025. He is, moreover, the leader of the Socialist organization in the capital.

As far as I know there is some history and he is very famous“, shot Marques Mendes, remembering Intercampus researchhas been released this Sunday, which makes Temido the strongest opponent in Montenegro in the upcoming elections (This research is made considering the future of António Costa in PS).

Finally, Marques Mendes criticized Lula da Silva’s statement regarding the role of the US and the European Union in relation to the war in Ukraine. “Aunacceptable.”

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